'bell the cat' duo:

Sun Bell ~ Songwriter, Singer, Rhythm Guitar, Percussions, Harmonica; Jan Emerson ~ Vocals, Keyboard

Sun'bell the cat' won Best Performance at West Coast Songwriter's San Rafael Chapter on Feb. 14 with their song "Sweet As Honey Be"! The judge, Jai Josefs, is a successful songwriter having written for Jose Feliciano; author of the best selling "Writing Music for Hit Songs"; taught songwriting at UCLA; more then 30 recordings at MCA, RCA, Motown and Disney; songs on TV and in motion pictures with stars like Harrison Ford, Jessica Lange and Billy Bob Thornton.

Quote from a new fan:
"I've been listening to 'bell the cat'. I enjoy some of the "vocalese" and wild utterances accompanying the singing. Some of the arrangements are really fun! "To The Moon Alice" has that industrial "clanking" and a twist on the expression which originally was a threat that Jackie Gleason was going to knock out his wife; to the thrill of a romance.
Your singing is so very grounded and supportive, impeccable vocal accompaniment. I enjoy it very much." Jim Paschal

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My instrument is Rhythm Guitar but, I play a variety of instruments and hope someday to have the space to gather a collection of instruments to play. I'm a Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Musician and am expanding into Voice Over/Character work too.
In the Fall of 2002 I formed 'bell the cat' which started as a duo with Jan Emerson, singer, keyboard player, assistant producer. In 2004/5 "Songs From The Wild" was recorded with studio and musician friends.

The first CD,"Songs From The Wild" won numerous awards including nominated for "Outstanding New Recording, Band" at Outmusic in 2006 and three awards with The Billboard Worldwide Songwriting Contest. "Untamed Heart", the music video, produced in 2005, received acclaims and nominations for awards and plays all over the internet and TV. Go to the youtube link below to see the White Tiger, dancing Ostrich, wolves, snake, hawk, Russian River area and wildgrrls singing melodically with Native American Rhythms.
Twist your mind with award-winning, on the edge, powerful, blazing, melodic, colorful, smoldering, sultry BLUES, INDIE FOLK, SINGER/SONGWRITER, ROOTS ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, POP, ADULT CONTEMPORARY, OUT & PROUD, FOLK ROCK, EARTH ROCK, SPIRITUAL, and TONGUE-IN-CHEEK HUMOROUS musical stories. 'bell the cat' uses creative, artistic expression to heal, journey, share love, laughter, compassion, fun, awareness & peace through music on "Songs From The Wild", purrformed by 'bell the cat'. Mystical, contemplative music to broaden your perspective. An eclectic mix of genre.

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Youtube ('Untamed Heart' Music Video)

'Untamed Heart' is Indie Alternative Pop Earth~Rock, Native American, loving feline influenced song!

Let the music play and the light shine!

PeaceRocker~ Sun Bell
'bell the cat' (samples of our music)

In the meantime we're building lists for lead guitar, bass and drums to play with us when we have need for a full band.

"Songs From The Wild", track 5, "To The Moon Alice" is the new theme song for Outbeat Radio's Shows on (FM91) every Sunday at 8 p.m. in Sonoma County, CA. Sun wrote new words that blend with a portion of the music to fit the show.

PeaceRocker~ Sun

Sun is acknowledged with a short biography in "Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975" (University of Illinois Press). The book is beautiful, comprehensive and well edited. We can all feel proud to be included in this history of our contributions. The book is getting great reviews and is already in its second printing! For your copy, the basic price is $80, call 800-621-2736.

Awards include:

BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST: HONORABLE MENTION for 2 songs, 'To The Moon Alice' & 'Radio Wo Wo' on the CD, "Songs From The Wild". The songs qualified for a top 1500 finish, don't know the exact placement. "This is an impressive feat", wrote Mark Furnas, Director of the contest.

Featured guitarist at Indieguitarist,
with Interview and autobiographical article, 'Let The Music Play & The Light Shine' by Sun Bell

Featured artists at

"Music Project of the Year" Award Editor's Choice Winner @

"Outmusic Award nominee" Category: Outstanding New Recording - Band

" Reader's Survey - Top 50 Winners ('bell the cat' #30)

'To The Moon Alice' ranked 23 among the top 50 in the Rock genre by listeners at American Idol Underground.


"Songs From The Wild" is music to broaden your perspective.

*This CD is unrated
CD cover photo by Arleen Olson, Tiger - women characters by
Debra "Bee" Burson, CD design by Sun Bell copyright 2005 SunBell Productions

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bell the cat's Debut CD is Smoldering...

"Utterly Fresh..."

"Uniquely Driven & Talented Muses..."

"Sassy Harmonies & Rousing Lead Vocals!"

"Life Force From Inside Out..."

(all quotes from reviews)

An eclectic mix of genre .

DOWNLOAD 'bell the cat' mp3s from "Songs From The Wild" @ iTunes

1. Untamed Heart 2. Radio Wo Wo 3. Down Home Recipe

4. Sweet As Honey Be 5. To The Moon Alice 6. Soaring

7. Never Ending Skies 8. I Wanna Go Sailing 9. Another Yesterday

10. That Kind Of Love 11. Two Planets In A Tailspin 12. TNT

13. Wild Dykes ON Bikes 14. Snuck Up (The Pie Song )

(All songs copyright SunBell Productions 2005 - BMI)


Streaming ~ "Untamed Heart" and "To The Moon Alice" and Sample the other songs from

"Songs From The Wild" purrformed by 'bell the cat' - band.

Click title below:

1. Untamed Heart 2. Radio Wo Wo 3. Down Home Recipe

4. Sweet As Honey Be 5. To The Moon Alice 6. Soaring

7. Never Ending Skies 8. I Wanna Go Sailing 9. Another Yesterday

10. That Kind Of Love 11. Two Planets In A Tailspin 12. TNT

13. Wild Dykes ON Bikes 14. Snuck Up ( The Pie Song )

(All songs copyright SunBell Productions 2005 - BMI)


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© SunBell Productions 2005

bell the cat - a daring action

This story is about women who get together to save their village from two tigers who were hanging out a little too close for comfort.
The tigers circled their homes each evening roaring out songs of hunger. Even though the villagers feared the tigers they honored them as well. The women believed there was a way to remedy their problem of the lingering tigers without violence or harm to the tigers or the people.
After much thought, one early morning, two women volunteers slipped away into the forest to find the tigers. The women had watched the tigers for a while to know what their habits were, their territory and where they rested. So, after a short time on their trail they found the two tigers napping, in the speckled sunlight through the trees, beside a stream. The women of the village had previously gathered to make very special necklaces with bells attached. This way the village could hear the tigers when they approached. After a long search the volunteers found the tigers napping. Each woman, ever so cautiously and quitely walked, with the same silence of the tigers at night, over to the large cats, and each placed the bell necklace she held around the necks of the tigers. They made sure not to let the bell ring as they placed the necklace around their large furry necks. Then slowly the women backed off disappearing into the forest.
Every day after that people of the village gathered to contribute a small amount of food to the tigers and left it in a space they blessed and recognized as sacred. From that evening on the two women were honored for their bravery and wisdom of this daring act to bell the cats.
bell the cat is like these two women iwe believe that there is always a better way to work out situations through communication and working together as we all share this planet Earth. We've got to stop violence, hate, prejudist, hunger and war. It takes a daring action on the part of each one of us to stand up and say no more and to give of ourselves to make a change. We must place that bell of compassion around the world and make it a safe place for all who live here.


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